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Honing and Polishing

When your stone is being restored, it will be put through one or more of the steps below in order to achieve the results you desire.  The steps involved will vary depending on the type of material being restored and the finish you desire.  Each can be performed alone, or in combination with the others.

  • Grinding - This is usually done to ensure a smooth, even surface between the stone tiles.  It involves physically grinding the surface of the stone forcefully.  This is a wet process, which minimizes dust.  The resulting flat surface is easier to maintain.  The grout will be even with the tile surface and eliminate accumulating dirt.  A completely flat floor eliminates all unevenness, giving the floor the illusion of being one piece.

  • Honing - This step is similar to grinding, except that it is done much less aggressively.  The end result is a smooth stone surface with an "old-world" finish, which is clean but not glossy.  However, honing will not level uneven tiles.  Honing is performed to remove scratches.

  • Polishing - If a glossy finish is desired, the stone may be polished.  The result will be a highly reflective finish for most stones.

  • Sealing - This protects the stone from water, oil, and other liquids that can damage the stone's finish.  Applying a sealer also gives you more time to clean up spills.

  • Color Enhancing - To bring out the natural beauty and color intensity of some stones, a color enhancer is applied.  Stones that particulary benefit from this include slate, bluestone, and crab orchard stone.

After the stone has been refinished, it can be cleaned and/or sealed depending on the type of stone and where it is being used.  There are different types of sealers recommended for different applications.

At the completion of restoration, we will be happy to explain how you can maintain your stone surfaces between restorations, and would be happy to provide information on a yearly maintenance contract for your convenience.

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