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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most popular questions asked by our customers:

  • If I restore my stone floor, will it become slippery?

    • Some stones are inherently slippery, but applying sealer to any stone will not change the original surface of the stone.  In other words, if the stone was not already slippery to begin with, it will not become slippery after the sealer has been applied.  Similarly, slippery stones will not become any more slippery because a sealer was applied.

  • If a sealer is applied to my kitchen countertops, is it safe to prepare food on them?

    • Yes, sealers are safe for use in kitchens in areas where food is prepared once they have dried.

  • If my stone is sealed, do I still need to clean up spills right away?

    • If the stone is properly sealed, spills do not have to be immediately cleaned up.  However, it's always best to clean up spills as soon as possible.

  • How do I keep my stone surfaces clean after they have been restored and sealed?

  • How long will the sealer on my stone last?

    • In normal use, a properly applied stone sealer should last about 12-18 months, depending on the stone surface.

  • Can I still apply a sealer to my surfaces if they are not natural stone?

    • Yes, you can use sealers on most types of porous surfaces such as concrete and bricks.

  • Are the grinding, honing, and polishing processes messy?

    • No, there is very little mess when performing these three processes.  Regardless, Empire Stone Care will extensively cover areas adjacent to the work being performed so as not to damage them.

  • Will a sealer change the color of the stone?

    • No, a sealer will not change the color of the stone.  However, a color enhancer can be applied to certain types of stones to increase the intensity of the stone's natural colors.



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